MINI Connected brings next-level connectivity to your MINI with a wide range of intelligent services and apps.

See for yourself how it can help make your everyday life better, easier and more connected with the below key features.


Arriving on time just got a whole lot easier with MINI Connected Real Time Traffic Information. Get accurate, real-time alerts for any accidents, traffic jams and roadworks ahead. MINI Connected keeps your navigation system supplied with the latest traffic data, so you're always on the best route to where you need to be.


Pre-configured apps for MINI Connected allow you to listen to your favourite music while you’re on the move. Use Spotify to discover the latest releases, for example, and manage your personal playlists. Control Spotify and other iPhone functions from your MINI without the need to be distracted by your phone.

Other key features that you're going to love include: Apple Car Play and MINI vehicle apps such as weather and news.


Real mates remember what's important. Use your smartphone to lock and unlock your car, flash the high beams. Forget where you parked? The status display with the iconic Union Jack shows you exactly where you left your MINI.

With Send to Car Capabilities, you can import all your important destinations from your smartphone calendar. Without any action on your part, it reminds you when it is time to get going and puts your destinations directly into the navigation system! 

Also, check out MINI Find Mate, small tags utilising Bluetooth® and GPS tracking technology so you will never lose important items again.


Natural language recognition with offboard speech processing makes it far easier to use voice commands in your MINI. The MINI Connected speech assistant now recognises sentences in different variations, understands many abbreviations and even pauses. That makes it easier for you to control your MINI by voice commands. Finding your destination of choice or changing settings by voice has become a whole lot easier.


Planning a MINI adventure. MINI Concierge Service is here to help! The perfect personal in-car assistant is at your service round the clock to make sure that everything is exactly as it should be. Call up your PA easily and directly via your MINI’s touchscreen. The fast and secure voice connection is set up by the in-car SIM card. Use it to find the nearest pharmacy, call up flight schedules, find out what’s showing in which cinema, even to book hotel accommodation, and save yourself time and effort when you're away from home.


If your MINI happens to run into technical difficulties, the MINI Teleservice Breakdown Call function allows you to contact Roadside Assistance directly from your car. Once contact is made with a Roadside Assistance Agent, detailed technical data is sent directly from your car to allow a quick and accurate remote diagnosis.

If you’re unable to call for help in an accident, it’s good to know MINI can. With the optional intelligent Emergency Call system, your MINI automatically sends a distress call to the BMW Group Call Centre, so help can swiftly arrive. It is comforting to know that with MINI you are never alone.